Magento Order Management

Magento is an amazing ecommerce platform that has helped many businesses grow their online sales to record-breaking levels. However, as your business grows you soon discover that Magento's order and inventory management features aren't growing with you. Ordster solves this problem by allowing you to continue to use Magento to do what it does best - sell your products online - while using Ordster to power your order and inventory management processes. With complete Magento integration, once you complete our quick and painless setup routine you'll discover that within minutes, all of your order, products and inventory are all already in Ordster, allowing you to take advantage of features such as automatic restocking when an order arrives from your vendors, automatic sycning with your Amazon inventory as items are sold via your Magento store and much, much more.

Amazon Order Management

Selling on Amazon is great - it brings your products to the attention of the millions of people that visit Amazon's website every day. However, if you sell on any website other than Amazon, keeping your inventory counts and orders in sync between these different websites can become challenging. How do you make sure that the item you just sold on your Magento website isn't then sold to an Amazon customer as well? Simple - use Ordster! Ordster automatically downloads your orders as well as your product and inventory data from Amazon and keeps Amazon up to date with your latest inventory quantities, order fulfillment statuses and more!

No More Sticky Notes!

You can admit it - after all, we've all done it. You or someone in your warehouse has at least one sticky note scribbled down concerning an important update to a customer's order or a list of backorders that must be fulfilled when you get the next shipment of that hot-selling item in. We have cutting-edge technology powering our websites, but when it comes to order fulfillment and inventory management, too many companies are still using error-prone manual processes. With Ordster's easy to use, access-anywhere web-based interface you can keep all of your order, inventory and product data in one place where it can be easily updated, reviewed and acted upon. By empowering you to process orders faster and more efficiently, your business will save as much money and likely much more than the low monthly subscription fee Ordster charges. Sign up for a free trial today!